Cuando los anarkistas saltaban el muro de Berlin para entrar en la RDA

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Mientras los refugiados de Alemania del Este en el otro lado del muro de Berlín acaparaban grandes titulares, esta noticia de ciudadanos alemanes saltando desde la Alemania capitalista a la RDA no tuvo relevancia en la prensa occidental de los 80.

Saltando el muro de berlin para entrar en la RDA

El 1 de junio de 1988, más de 200 jóvenes de la Alemania Occidental ocupaban una parcela de tierra cercana al Muro de Berlín que pertenecía al Estado alemán. Los políticos de la RFA proyectaban construir una colosal autopista que atravesas e la ciudad, pasando por encima de estos terrenos. Los jóvenes que ocuparon esa parcela de tierra y la policía antidisturbios respondió de forma brutal, con gases lacrimógenos y tanques de agua. Tras varias horas de luchas por la zona, los jóvenes (pertenecientes a grupos ecologistas y anarquistas) escalaron el Muro buscando en la Alemania socialista refugio de las brutales agresiones de la policía capitalista.

Una publicación comunista llamada "Workers Vanguard" se hizo eco del suceso al que título ironicamente: Escape from the "free World" (Escapando del "mundo libre)

It was a "world turned upside down", according to the Deutsche Presse Agentur, West Germany´s principal news agency. In the early morning of July 1 they were presented with the spectacle of around 200 West Berlin youth clambering over the Berlin Wall into East Berlin in order to escape a brutal assault by the cops of the "free West." Using police barriers as makeshift ladders to get to the top of the Wall, the youth waved the East German flag in defiance of the cops below. Those arch-villains of Cold War propaganda, the East German border guards, then took the 200 "refugees" off for free coffee, breakfast and cigarettes before escorting them to the exits back to West Berlin. As one youth said, "If the Amis [Americans] see all this jumping the Wall on television today, then they can just forget the whole crap about the Wall. It throws everything out the window for them." Indeed it was a most entertaining blow to the anti-Soviet propaganda machines of the West Berlin Senate, West German government and Washington. How did all this come about? In May about 40 "Green" activists and anarchist types occupied a small piece of overgrown land on the West side of the Wall, which the West Berlin Senate had bought from East Germany last year in order to build a four-lane highway through the city. When some youths wanted to save the shrubs, they came up against the full power of the capitalist state, The Ed Meese of West Berlin, rightwing Christian .Democrat Interior Senator Kewenig, considering the area a "lawless zone," decided to make it safe for the "free world." Using as a pretext that one of the occupiers was playing around with a toy gun, Kewenig´s cops declared, the camp dangerously armed and sealed off the whole area with barricades. On June 20, for two and a half hours the cops launehed.a barrage of tear gas against the camp, only interrupted by the firing of-water cannons at the occupiers. Three were seriously injured and had to be hospitalized: Small wonder the protesters climbed over the Wall to East Berlin, fleeing further police assaults. . . . For more than 25 years the Berlin Wall has been the Western imperialists favorite Cold War symbol. At this site in 1963John F. Kennedy declared, "Ich bin ein Berliner." And Reagan went to the Wall in 1987in his first visit to West Germany since saluting the Nazi killer elite at Bitburg two years earlier. To prevent West Berlin youth from protesting the anti-Communist warmonger from Washington, 10,000 police occupied the city as Reagan, surrounded by barbed wire and bulletproof glass, spoke on the "free world" side of the Brandenburg Gate. The imperialists hate the Berlin Wall because it was erected as abarrier to the capitalist reunification of Germany. The Wall was a measure, albeit a bureaucratic one, to defend the collectivized economy against imperialist pressure, specifically the massive hemorrhaging of state-trained East German professionals and skilled workersto the West in the early 60s. But today thousands of East German emigres are returning from the West, disillusioned by the impossibility of finding jobs in the "free world." And now West German youth scale the . Wall to find refuge from the clubswinging cops unleashed by their own "free world" bourgeoisie.

Un video del suceso:

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